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Miraloma 7.67' Lightweight Rolling Ladder by WFX Utility for Home 2021

I was so excited to get these after reading the reviews, it is so hard to find great Ladder online and I don't have time to go shopping. I tried them on right away and thought the fit was amazing. I've only had one hiccup when shopping Wayfair, but that's expected as things can't run smoothly all the time. The home furnishings I've bought in the past have all been of great quality. Great prices and super-fast shipping! Dealing with customer service reps can be frustrating sometimes, but I've worked in customer service before so I know it's not an easy task all the time.

Lundys 4 - Step Aluminum Lightweight Folding Step Ladder by WFX Utility for Home Reviews for you

Product Type: Step ladder Primary Material: Aluminum Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 50' Fully Extended Height: 50' Overall Width x Depth: 17.3333'' W x 24.6667'' D I've boycotted Walmart and Amazon for being billionaire-centric instead of paying a living wage. This store is an awesome alternative. I finally needed their customer service and they far exceeded my expectations there as well.

Get The Louisville Ladder Louisville Ladder, 3 Ft, Aluminum Step Stool, Type Ia, 300 Lb Load Capacity, Ay8003 for Home

I try, whenever possible, to buy local, pay cash and support my community with my transactions. When I do go online, I want something of quality and I need it fast. I have Wayfair as my first stop for furnishings for the home. The reviews are helpful, the quality tends to be high overall, and the customer service is very good. I hold their feet to the fire when I am unhappy, and they respond. I think our on-line businesses are as good as we demand they be, and I think Wayfair does a great job. I'm using them more and more these days. The pricing is decent for household goods (interior and exterior), their options seem endless, and they provide quality products. If you like online shopping. I think you will like Wayfair. A good online source.

Folding Anti Slip 1 Step Plastic Step Stool by Symple Stuff for Home More Reviews

I really enjoy using this WFX Utility Launceston 4 - Step Aluminum Lightweight Folding Step Ladder. I have this Ladder in another color, and I asked for it now for my friend. It was a great purchase from the moment I saw it! I ordered online and I'm very happy with it! I ordered a Ladder and after I realized it was going to arrive later than expected I tried to cancel online with no luck as the system told me it was already loaded for shipment. The customer service rep was outstanding and got everything taken care of for me in a matter of minutes. Very impressed and will continue buying from Wayfair as a result!

Order New Launceston 4 - Step Aluminum Lightweight Folding Step Ladder by WFX Utility

Product Type: Step ladder Primary Material: Aluminum Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 5.54' Fully Extended Height: 20' Overall Width x Depth: 20'' W x 4.1'' D During that last few months I have purchased a number of items (Ladder) from Wayfair. I have all of the products to be of very good quality, and their Customer Service has been excellent. I was happy with EVERYTHING. Amazing customer service.

4.02' H x 42.5'' W x 21.5'' D Aluminum Contractor Series Mini Rolling Scaffolding with 250 lb. Load Capacity Type I Duty Rating by Metaltech Special Event

I initially ordered two barstools but for some reason there was miscommunication between csr/dispatching department and the warehouse (I assume). Long story short, they end up shipping the other one and gifting me a free one for my inconvenience! Like basically a $150 gift! My bad day turned into a blessing! Thanks Wayfair Every single time I've dealt with Wayfair, I've had an outstanding experience. And, they are dealing with a Karen. Seriously, they are nice, accommodating and do everything in their power to make sure you are happy. They have earned a lifelong customer because of their outstanding customer service each and every time. Thank you Wayfair for being a step above the rest!

Low cost WFX Utility Mooney 1-Step Folding Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity for Home

Congratulations on your searching Ladder. Be careful, These product may out of stock soon!! Best wishes on your shopping for WFX Utility Launceston 4 - Step Aluminum Lightweight Folding Step Ladder. Not sure of the low score on this company my 1st interaction with them was superb from the website where I shopped to the pricing and the delivery was so fast I couldn't believe it packaged securely and exactly what I expect from the website pictures I'll reccomend them with no problem plan to shop with them as needed things do occur an I had no issues with my 1st purchase if it changes down the way I'll update the rating

Gosport 4 - Step Wood Folding Step Stool by WFX Utility for Home Best Service

Product Type: Step stool Primary Material: Wood Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 35.4' Fully Extended Height: 34.7' Overall Width x Depth: 17'' W x 16'' D Well I had not bought one thing online in my life and heard about Wayfair. I was moving for the first time in 24 years and decided out with the old and in with the new. I refurnished every room in the house via wayfair over a period of 4-5 months. Oh yes there were some bumps in the road with damages and either waiting for full replacements or repair parts, this is where the bumps came in. The customer service reps were first class in making things right and always told me donate the current item I had rather than me pay for return shipping etc.which was always gratefully received I might add.

Istanbul 3.54 ft Aluminum Step Ladder with 300 lb. Load Capacity by WFX Utility for Home for Good Home

Love everything about Wayfair! I especially appreciate it allows for customer reviews on the items as well as pics people have taken so we can view the products in homes. Reading the reviews is so helpful! Especially when purchasing furniture and decor you aren't seeing in person! Everything I've ever ordered has arrived even faster than projected and love the free shipping, which is a huge thing when ordering heavy bulky furniture! I've ordered home items from many other sites and always seem to come back to Wayfair! Don't hesitate to order from them! I am surprised to see the bad reviews on other website. I have purchased almost all items in my new house from Wayfair and they are really good! I even needed to change my dining chairs and their customer service was the best in the US! They replaced the Ladder with no additional cost and made sure the process was easy on me. I'll definitely keep shopping with them!

19 Best Ladder to Buy Online. Superior Performance 1-Step Plastic Step Stool with 300 lb. Load Capacity

I LOVE this product. I read reviews saying it good and perfect. so I love it. Perfect color, perfect value, etc. Ordered new Ladder. Great sale prices. Beautiful furniture and I've gotten lots of compliments. The Ladder originally came damaged. I called Wayfair while delivery guys were still there. They ordered a replacement and told me to keep the damaged one until the new one came. New one was delivered about 2-3 weeks later in perfect condition. Sometimes, people have to realize Wayfair is a fulfillment house--you place the order, they place it with the manufacturer and it is shipped from there.

Symple Stuff Truluck 1 - Step Bamboo Lightweight Step Stool More Reviews

The Growing Up Green Bamboo Step Stool by Ginsey with 150 lb. Load Capacity is a great addition to your Childs room. Made from bamboo and wood, this eco-friendly stool is sturdy and durable. To add to its strength, the hardware material used is stainless steel. It lets your child reach the higher places like the kitchen sink, bathroom vanity, and bed easily. This step stool can also be used as seating. The slip resistant top ensures your child stays safe and secure while stepping up. To add to... Product Type: Step stool Primary Material: Bamboo Overall Height - Top to Bottom: 7' Fully Extended Height: 0.58' Overall Width - Side to Side: 14'' We ordered a Ladder which had been difficult to find, and when the Ladderarrived it was defective. Wayfair immediately granted a full credit with no hassle. It's always better as a buyer if you don't have a problem with the product, but the true mark of a company is how they handle the problems that inevitably will occur in the course of running a large business. We would absolutely order from Wayfair in the future.

Master Piece 1-Step Plastic Step Stool with 375 Ib. Load Capacity from WFX Utility is Best Ladder

After reading the bad reviews, I got pretty nervous about calling to request a replacement part that had come damaged. Despite a little bit of a wait, customer service was super quick and friendly and got a replacement part shipped out in the next two days. The Ladder was fairly low quality, but I paid a low price, so I can't really complain about that. Looks fine, just cheap materials. I'm sure the more expensive Ladder are nicer. Anyway, thought it was worth leaving a good review about customer service since it seems they might be stepping it up! I ordered a Ladder from Wayfair recently and was glad to see that it would be arriving before my upcoming trip. I found out late in the process that the delivery would be delayed and was freaking out! So by being int ouch with the customer service dept. I was eventually put on the line with J. He is a delivery specialist, and he saved the day! He not only coordinated it all, but even got it there on a Sunday for me! The set is gorgeous, so the quality of their product is obviously great as well. Thank you J. and the Wayfair team!